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treepyful answered your post: i have too many prompts in my inbox but

hot hipster, but Steve/Bucky, post CATWS, Steve has a bit of a thing for the metal arm?

flamingcrap answered your post: i have too many prompts in my inbox but

mayhaps stucky and some prostate love?

bucky knew it, the way steve’s eye always gravitated to his metal hand when it stroked up steve’s thigh, or teased out a flashbang from its casing.

"right or left?" bucky asked, his metal thumb stroking slow circles on the just of steve’s hip.

steve’s tongue came out to swipe at his pink lip, and his blush became even redder as he forced out, “left. please.”

bucky smirked, placing a delicate kiss to the tip of steve’s cock as he lubed up his fingers. “might be a little cold,” he warned, as steve opened his knees wide and trusting.

the furl of steve’s hole was satiny soft, but it wasn’t something bucky could feel through the prosthetic. he stroked along the entrance gently, watching steve’s body shiver and sweat in anticipation before he pushed in with his middle digit.

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"I think I really wanted to prove something to myself, but at the same time, I’m very sensitive. When you see those action movies and it’s like the back of somebody’s head and then all of a sudden they give that one pose at the end and you’re like, "That was not…That was the lamest thing." You want to see the actor risking their life. It’s part of what sells it, I think, as an audience member, and, like I said, I’m sensitive about that sort of thing. So I would want to… I never would want to be that. I wouldn’t want to be perceived as a wuss who couldn’t do it, I guess. " - Scarlett Johansson

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Imagine Bucky, still trying to figure out who he is, finding out where Steve lives. He thinks Steve is going to be afraid of him after what he’s done, so he stays hidden. When Steve leaves to go out for coffee with Nat, or when he goes to the grocery store, Bucky goes into Steves house. He’s careful not to move anything, but sometimes he leaves fingerprints in dust. He looks at old photographs, old newspaper clippings, sometimes he has a glass of milk and a cookie from the old jar on top of the fridge. They’re just the way Steve’s mom made them, and they bring back memories.

He makes sure to only take a few, and always leaves without disrupting any pictures or furniture. Natasha, being observant as she is, sees the signs way before Steve does. Pictures moved slightly, food missing, dirty dishes in the sink that Steve didn’t use, finger prints in the dust. It doesn’t take her long to figure out who it is. She doesn’t tell Steve.

One night Steve wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and decides he wants a glass of water. He goes into the kitchen and flicks on the light. Bucky is standing in the kitchen, eyes wide like a deer in the headlights. His hand is stuck inside of the cookie jar, and he’s got a cookie in his mouth.

Steve nearly faints.


2014 - A Song A Day ~ Devil’s Spoke - Laura Marling



본격 마블이 캡아 자랑하는 영화 윈솔 °0°!!

Holy shit I have a crush on this art.


You are so brave and quiet I forget you are  s u f f e r i n g.



And it hurts because it’s probably the first time someone has asked him this. Because everyone else just sees the Cap. No one sees the wounded soldier still hurting from a war that he never saw the end of.

Steve is like one of those old school soldiers who just buttons his coat tight and high so no one will notice that he’s still bleeding out, because he doesn’t need someone to make a big deal about him. He’s a soldier. Soldiers survive.

But Sam knows soldiers and Sam gently unbuttons that coat and gently cleans that wounds and let’s Steve know it’s okay to heal.

Steve’s been trying to hide his wounds his whole life, it just wasn’t until he became Captain America that he started being any good at it. Used to be people could only see what was wrong with him—it didn’t matter how high his buttons went, one look and they assumed he was too broken to be of any use. He fought against that, and he took control of what he could—his emotions and his words. He did his best to feign disinterest in the face of rejection after rejection, and pushed his body to the limit to do something with himself, which usually meant standing up and speaking out when it didn’t seem like anyone else would. He learned how to fight verbally when he wasn’t able to fight physically.

And then he became Captain America and shit flipped from one extreme to the other. No one thought there was anything wrong with him. He was entirely capable, he could talk the talk andwalk the walk. And no one knew him well enough when he woke up in the present to see just how much he struggled with his emotions, with his anger and frustration and grief. And he sure as hell didn’t correct them. He played his part. Its all he had left.

Sam really is the first person to pull back the cowl and show genuine concern for Steve’s emotional wellbeing. And Sam’s gonna need help getting Steve anywhere near mentally healthy, because its not just the war what taught him to hide, though it sure as fuck didn’t help. Steve grew up disabled and poor, and he’s just not used to the luxury of not having to hide every weakness from everyone, including himself

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kittydere said: fic request: steve is unfazed by sex because he used to sell himself back in the day/ and someone/everyone finds out. I like it if he's nonchalant about it but It can also totally go the other way. There is just not enough of this trope.


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Robert Sapolsky about his study of the Keekorok baboon troop from National Geographic’s Stress: Portrait of a Killer.

Thiiiiiiis, people, thiiiis!

1. Kill alpha male types
2. Achieve world peace

Got it.

I’ve actually read a lot of Sapolsky’s work.  He’s one of my favorite scientists in the neuro/socio world.

I just watched the documentary and there is so much more about the troop that isn’t in this photoset—not only does the troop have a culture of little aggression and greater cooperation, but any incoming jerk baboons learned within a few months that their shitty behaviour was in no way acceptable, that the troop only rewarded sociability, and they changed accordingly. 

If effin’ baboons can learn this there’s pretty much no reason to believe that our only option in dealing with assholes is to just ignore their behaviour and let it continue.

there really is no excuse.

"incoming jerk baboons" hahaha

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strip poker


Steve loses badly in the first few hands because his face is transparent but when he’s down to his jeans and boxers it turns out he’s been grifting them ALL ALONG, learning their tells. He collects his winnings with a humble-smug smile and an affected “aw shucks”.

Bucky Barnes starting the game with a careless, cocky grin but he gets redder and redder as everyone collects clothing from him and he ends up curled up in a fetal position on his chair, trying to cover his crotch with his handful of cards, blushing like a tomato and trying to blame it on the vodka. (“He’s never been great at poker”, Steve says faux-mournfully, arranging his cards in anticipation for a play for Bucky’s underwear)

Natasha Romanov is the master of bluffs because she leaks fake tells and then switches them up unexpectedly. The first half of the game she  purposefully allowed the corner of her lip to twitch upwards whenever she got a good hand, and when she saw the boys had caught on, she used that to take a huge pot, winning two shirts, a pair of jeans, and a handful of socks.

Sam Wilson not even sweating as his clothes come off piece by piece. He just flexes in everyone’s direction and keeps smiling. By sheer luck he manages to win Natasha’s bra. She stares him down as she takes it off without removing her shirt.


i want steve/natasha having athletic sex. post-mission, adrenaline-pumping, furniture-breaking sex. sex that pushes the limits of natasha’s flexibility and steve’s stamina. sex that’s a fucking competition interrupted with snarky comments and bouts of laughter.

i want them lying together, panting and naked on a stripped mattress. natasha turns on her side and looks at steve, you know, if you told me it was your first time i could’ve been a little gentler

steve grins at her, that’s why i didn’t tell you


bucky and steve going on the cyclone again and while they’re in line steve makes bucky eat like funnel cake and corndogs and bucky doesn’t even realize what he’s doing and eats it all and right before the car departs he’s like yoU MOTHERFUCKER and all you can hear from the geriatric national heroes as they start their ride is bucky screaming bloody murder and steve laughing his ass off